Storage Hacks for Living in a Tiny College Dorm

Living in a tiny space has its advantages like having all your belonging in easy access. However, not having a lot of space for your belongings is a disadvantage that many living in a tiny space have to deal with. Here are a few space-saving hack that will make a tiny space look much bigger.

Maximise the Bottom of the Bed

If you’re really doing things on the cheap you can stack milk an air mattress on top of milk crates. The crates will double as storage crates and elevation for the bed.  You can also stack a mattress on top of a desk or armoir, which will save space and serve as storage.

Shelves, shelves everywhere

Stack floating shelves to maximise your storage space.  You can vary the distance between shelves and their length to

Redesign your Closet

Double storage space in your closet by the power of stacking. You can hang shoes and add an extra pole to your closet in order to maximise your storage space. Adding hooks to the inside of your door to organize your belongings is also a space- saving option.

Make it Stick with Magnets

Add Magnetic strips along your wall and magnet back to your belongings in order to stick them to the wall. You can stick pen holders, makeup organizers, bobby pins and even office supplies to the wall and keep them off valuable counter space this way.

The Different Kinds of People that You Meet in a College Dorm


The veritable aficionado of all things cannabis related.They have a wealth of paraphernalia for various specific services. Bong as decorative devices, pipes in a multitude of colours. A constant flow of skunk smell emanates from their dorm, and you wonder how they ever manage to get anything done if they’re either in a cloud of smoke or Cheetos.


Their essays are done three weeks in advance and they’re still worried about their work being inadequate. Their room is perfectly organized with a spot for all their colour coded post its and their nuanced high lighter collection. Getting a B on an assignment consists of failing to them.


Everyday is a good day for beer for this guy. Funnel it, beer pong it, chug it, keg it, beer is  a major nutrient in this guy’s diet. He’ll bring a six pack to any party and manage to make a crack in yours as well when you’re not looking.


They roam the halls quietly and broodily. You wonder if this person ever smiles. Many of these “poets” will have a wardrobe composed solely of black and  the occasional tweed coat. They probably wear glasses inspired from another decade and smoke american spirits like its going out of style. If male sport 18th century inspired facial hear. They can be heard reciting Yeates, Hemingway or Bukowski outside the window or to anyone who will listen.


This particular individual has a handle on every political injustice in the world. In fact, they know how to turn everything into a political statement. Eating a cupcake with green frosting for St. Patrick’s day? They are keen to  remind you how the flour was probably milled by poor child workers, and how the green food colours is probably derived from a toxic substance created by Monsanto.


They seem to have derived their entire life’s inspiration from Wolf of Wall Street.  They oftentimes show up to class in a suit and slicked back hair , and for the love of you, you don’t know why because they don’t seem to be employed outside of school. They’re on the fast track to studying business, and eager to get a summer internship at Goldman Sachs where they’ll begin the road to achieving their goals of living in a house in Connecticut and getting a yacht before the age of 40. Casual wear includes boat shoes and cable knits.

The Different Kinds of Students you Meet in First Year College Classes


This person comes dressed to the nines in class everyday , full makeup, fully done hair, high  heels and fake nails while everyone else is roaming around in a bun and sweatpants, trying to hide the bags under their eyes with sunglasses.


Hand shoots up at every question. They’ve done all the readings, maybe four times. They have colour coded stick its and high lighters. They probably have a fully transcribed agenda with  the exact time at which things are due and a tight day to day schedule, with activities scheduled by the minute.


You don’t know how this person manages to score the highest scores on exams because they never seem to lay a finger on their textbooks. They are mythical creatures that we all kind of wish we were.


It seems like Philosophy 101 was their life calling because they seem to know all about all the class material. In addition, they seem to know all the notable t. Their random name dropping, and spewing of random and vaguely interlinked thoughts never cease to impress your professors.


Do they even go here? You’re surprised to see this person in class because you’ve never really seen them before. What do they even do instead of coming to class? Will they even pass?

College Classes Every Major Should Take

ACTING – Whether you’re a business major looking to craft the perfect pitch or an aspiring teacher who needs to get people engaged in the learning process, an acting class will make you aware of how the inflections of your voice affect the perception of listeners around you.

IMPROV – Improv will teach you the power of saying yes. The only rule to improv is saying yes “and”. That means welcoming every opportunity and contributing to it in some way. Improv will also teach you to keep on your toes, and whip up a quick answer to any question.

PSYCHOLOGY  – a basic psychology class will help you gain some basic insight into how people think and how you can affect the way they think.

MARKETING – No matter what field you enter, whether you start a company, work for a non profit, work in law or even science, basic marketing is a valuable tool to help boost visibility and know how to reach market in the future. At the very least you can gain some insight as to how you can market yourself to employers in the future.

COMMUNICATION THEORY – A communication theory class will teach you two basic and very valuable skills . 1) How to communicate verbally or in writing in a way that is clear, concise and effective. 2) How to better understand the images and words that surround you in your everyday life whether it be on a billboard  or in your college textbook.


Ways To Make Your Cheap College Dorm Look Dreamy

You’ve moved into your college dorm and all you have are a cheap wooden bedframe and bookshelf that look like they are straight out of 1974. Upon move in, your cheap looking college dorm can seem uninspiring. Thanks to the Gods of pinterest, there are a few cheap ways to make your student space feel like it’s your millionaire lair.

Become Friends With Double Sided Adhesive

Double sided adhesive will help you seamlessly stick any personal mementos and anecdotes to your otherwise boring walls. Use it to attach anything from extra hooks, to frames and posters to add a personal touch to your space.  Adhesive can support up to 6 pounds of weight and won’t peel off the cheap college paint in your dorm.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.55.15 AM

Use Tealights to Add Warmth

Tea lights are a cheap way to add a warm and nostalgia to your space. They’re easy to hang anywhere in your dorm and are they won’t run up the energy bill.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.56.09 AM

Use Fabric to Add Texture

Purchase miles of cheap fabric for a few dollars and use it in infinite ways. Tuiles and fresh cottons are a cheap way to add light and dimension to your college dorm.Get creative and use fabric to make a temporary blanket fort for your visitors, a canopy for your bed or new drapes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.58.13 AM

Canvas Boards are King

With canvas boards and a few push pins, the possibilities for dorm transformation are endless. Create an idea board to post all your ideas and aspirations, post bills, or receipts and deadlines to get organized. Transform a standard dorm headboard into a luxury, with just a bit of cardboard and fabric.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.58.23 AM

Spray Paint Can Spruce Up a Space

For just a couple dollars spray paint can transform a cheap purchase into a personal treasure fit for your dorm. Add swag to nay bargain store mirror or statuettes by layering some spray paint.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.58.36 AM


Most Stunning Dorms for Students in the US

It’s your first year of college and you move into a whitewashed room with a twin bed, and a cookie cutter desk. This is the college dorm experience that most of us had. However, there are some dorms that seem more like luxury getaways than dorm residences. Here is a countdown of the dorms that will leave you dumbfounded and maybe a little envious

Hub at Tucson at the University of Arizona, Tucson

All rooms have private baths, walk in closets,  private washer and dryers. Dorm amenities include conference rooms, saunas and full gym. Sounds more like a dream resort than an actual college dorm.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.44.05 AM

Callaway House at University of Texas, Austin

So you feel like skipping the whole dorm experience. The waiting in line at dining halls, the borderline unstable roommate, the paper thin walls and mystery finds in the communal bathroom? The Callaway house has got you covered. Stainless Steel appliances that would make a suburban mom jealous, leather couches to relax on and your own maid service.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.46.04 AM

Morgens Hall at The University of Cincinnati- Cincinnati, Ohio  

Floor to ceiling windows allow the Cincinnati sun to flood in. Go with eco- friendly feature and a sweeping view of the lush  greenery on campus

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.48.43 AM

The Lawn at the University of Virginia – Charlotte

Designed by Thomas Jefferson, living at the University of Virginia is considered an honour. Instead of the modern luxuries afforded to many other dorms, the Lawn at the University of Virginia is steeped in a deep history. However, you are expected to be a scholar and a leader if you are allowed to live at the The Lawn

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.50.24 AM

The Units at the University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley offers high rise style condos for students. Enjoy a view of the  Bay, as you lounge on your balcony. Berkeley is a small city filled with greenery and hippie charm, with San Francisco just a short bus ride away

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.51.18 AM

Five Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Searching for Cheap Student Housing

Congrats, you just found a great place that is right in your price range and in a great location! You’re excited to sign a lease and move in. However, there are few things that you should take some time to consider, in order to assess whether this apartment is the real deal, or whether hidden problems will turn your love into heated irritation

Laundry – Make sure that laundry is included on site, or that a laundromat is close by. There is no greater regret than lugging your laundry basket for six blocks just to have clean clothes on sunday.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.32.57 AM

Does your lease allow you to sublet – You might want to go home for the summer, travel or move for an internship or job. Make sure that you are able to sublease your apartment so you aren’t spending valuable rent money on an empty dorm.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.35.28 AM

Utilities – You’ve budgeted enough for your rent, but you don’t want hidden and variable costs like electrical, heating, gas and wifi shifting your budgets every month.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.37.13 AM

Parking – Free and accessible parking is a great plus to have if you have a car or oftentimes have guests who are driving in.

Guest Policy –  Make sure you are able to have guests over night. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to have your friends and family stay at your place while they visit you you want to house a friend after a rough night out.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.39.03 AM

BONUS: Rent Increase –  If you’re looking for a place long term, a rent increase can slowly be a killer. Even a small increase of 2% can slowly make a place unaffordable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.41.27 AM

If the apartment you’re looking at looks great and fulfills all the above requirements, then Congrats! You’ve found a hidden gem