Most Stunning Dorms for Students in the US

It’s your first year of college and you move into a whitewashed room with a twin bed, and a cookie cutter desk. This is the college dorm experience that most of us had. However, there are some dorms that seem more like luxury getaways than dorm residences. Here is a countdown of the dorms that will leave you dumbfounded and maybe a little envious

Hub at Tucson at the University of Arizona, Tucson

All rooms have private baths, walk in closets,  private washer and dryers. Dorm amenities include conference rooms, saunas and full gym. Sounds more like a dream resort than an actual college dorm.

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Callaway House at University of Texas, Austin

So you feel like skipping the whole dorm experience. The waiting in line at dining halls, the borderline unstable roommate, the paper thin walls and mystery finds in the communal bathroom? The Callaway house has got you covered. Stainless Steel appliances that would make a suburban mom jealous, leather couches to relax on and your own maid service.

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Morgens Hall at The University of Cincinnati- Cincinnati, Ohio  

Floor to ceiling windows allow the Cincinnati sun to flood in. Go with eco- friendly feature and a sweeping view of the lush  greenery on campus

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The Lawn at the University of Virginia – Charlotte

Designed by Thomas Jefferson, living at the University of Virginia is considered an honour. Instead of the modern luxuries afforded to many other dorms, the Lawn at the University of Virginia is steeped in a deep history. However, you are expected to be a scholar and a leader if you are allowed to live at the The Lawn

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The Units at the University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley offers high rise style condos for students. Enjoy a view of the  Bay, as you lounge on your balcony. Berkeley is a small city filled with greenery and hippie charm, with San Francisco just a short bus ride away

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