Ways To Make Your Cheap College Dorm Look Dreamy

You’ve moved into your college dorm and all you have are a cheap wooden bedframe and bookshelf that look like they are straight out of 1974. Upon move in, your cheap looking college dorm can seem uninspiring. Thanks to the Gods of pinterest, there are a few cheap ways to make your student space feel like it’s your millionaire lair.

Become Friends With Double Sided Adhesive

Double sided adhesive will help you seamlessly stick any personal mementos and anecdotes to your otherwise boring walls. Use it to attach anything from extra hooks, to frames and posters to add a personal touch to your space.  Adhesive can support up to 6 pounds of weight and won’t peel off the cheap college paint in your dorm.

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Use Tealights to Add Warmth

Tea lights are a cheap way to add a warm and nostalgia to your space. They’re easy to hang anywhere in your dorm and are they won’t run up the energy bill.

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Use Fabric to Add Texture

Purchase miles of cheap fabric for a few dollars and use it in infinite ways. Tuiles and fresh cottons are a cheap way to add light and dimension to your college dorm.Get creative and use fabric to make a temporary blanket fort for your visitors, a canopy for your bed or new drapes.

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Canvas Boards are King

With canvas boards and a few push pins, the possibilities for dorm transformation are endless. Create an idea board to post all your ideas and aspirations, post bills, or receipts and deadlines to get organized. Transform a standard dorm headboard into a luxury, with just a bit of cardboard and fabric.

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Spray Paint Can Spruce Up a Space

For just a couple dollars spray paint can transform a cheap purchase into a personal treasure fit for your dorm. Add swag to nay bargain store mirror or statuettes by layering some spray paint.

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