College Classes Every Major Should Take

ACTING – Whether you’re a business major looking to craft the perfect pitch or an aspiring teacher who needs to get people engaged in the learning process, an acting class will make you aware of how the inflections of your voice affect the perception of listeners around you.

IMPROV – Improv will teach you the power of saying yes. The only rule to improv is saying yes “and”. That means welcoming every opportunity and contributing to it in some way. Improv will also teach you to keep on your toes, and whip up a quick answer to any question.

PSYCHOLOGY  – a basic psychology class will help you gain some basic insight into how people think and how you can affect the way they think.

MARKETING – No matter what field you enter, whether you start a company, work for a non profit, work in law or even science, basic marketing is a valuable tool to help boost visibility and know how to reach market in the future. At the very least you can gain some insight as to how you can market yourself to employers in the future.

COMMUNICATION THEORY – A communication theory class will teach you two basic and very valuable skills . 1) How to communicate verbally or in writing in a way that is clear, concise and effective. 2) How to better understand the images and words that surround you in your everyday life whether it be on a billboard  or in your college textbook.


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