Storage Hacks for Living in a Tiny College Dorm

Living in a tiny space has its advantages like having all your belonging in easy access. However, not having a lot of space for your belongings is a disadvantage that many living in a tiny space have to deal with. Here are a few space-saving hack that will make a tiny space look much bigger.

Maximise the Bottom of the Bed

If you’re really doing things on the cheap you can stack milk an air mattress on top of milk crates. The crates will double as storage crates and elevation for the bed.  You can also stack a mattress on top of a desk or armoir, which will save space and serve as storage.

Shelves, shelves everywhere

Stack floating shelves to maximise your storage space.  You can vary the distance between shelves and their length to

Redesign your Closet

Double storage space in your closet by the power of stacking. You can hang shoes and add an extra pole to your closet in order to maximise your storage space. Adding hooks to the inside of your door to organize your belongings is also a space- saving option.

Make it Stick with Magnets

Add Magnetic strips along your wall and magnet back to your belongings in order to stick them to the wall. You can stick pen holders, makeup organizers, bobby pins and even office supplies to the wall and keep them off valuable counter space this way.

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