The 5 Funniest Dorm Life Moments

When you’re sharing a dorm with a considerable amount of other students, something crazy is always bound to happen. Moreover, that’s simply the magic about living in dorm. Below are some one the most memorable stories some students have had during their unique dorm experiences.


“My roommate had left the room and had been gone for about an hour when the fire alarm went off. I had no idea where she was, so I just locked our door as I left and went outside with everyone else. When I got outside, I realized that she was there — in only a towel. Turns out she just took a long shower and was heading back to the room to get her shoes, clothes, and keys when I locked it. Oh, and it was Winter!” -Christina Bischoff


“I lived on the 3rd floor of the dorms. Our toilet had to be replaced. Rather than carry the old toilet down the stairs the handy man says open that window quick. I open the window and he tosses it out the window. What was funnier is that there was a tour of the campus going on at the time. I’m sure it looked like a scene out of animal house to the spectators on campus that day.” -Anonymous


“I locked my roommate into his room twice by jamming a Gatorade bottle into the door hinge and then slamming the door shut. You have to nearly break down the door to get out.” -MichealtheCM


“My roommate thought it would be a good idea to spray pepper spray in our halls. Then knock on everyone’s door.” -Ravirr


“I could hear girls outside my door getting mad because the smell had crawled all the way down the hall and around the corner:

Annoyed Resident #1: “OMG! What is that smell?”

Annoyed Resident #2: “Ugh! Who’s the idiot that decided to funk up the entire hall?”

I didn’t want anyone to get suspicious so I stepped outside the room and agreed with them, “Yeah, I wonder who’s the idiot that decided to burn popcorn?”

Looking back on it, how did they not know it was me? The panic-stricken look on my face was enough to give me away to even the most gullible person.

Needless to say, I never heated up bread or anything else in that microwave for a very long time.”   – Anonymous




Sometimes making new friends is much harder than it looks. Below are 5 tips you can follow to make your network building process a breeze.

Attend Frosh / Orientation Week

If you haven’t thought about this yet, DO IT! For those who don’t know what frosh week is, it is the most radical and exciting week of a college freshman’s life.

I’ve known a lot of people that have met their lifetime friends- or even their loved one – from attending these events. Don’t miss the chance because as some people say, you only frosh once.

Join Clubs!

It’s university!  Joining a club or a student association not only enhances your university experience, but also allows you meet a ton of students from different areas of study!  A list of clubs/ association can either be available at your University website.

Live in a Dorm

Believe it or not, Living in dorms, also known as University residences, could be your pathway to popularity! Going to resident meetings, parties, or even meeting people at dinner is a chance to meet someone new.

The word “Yes” will be your new BFF.

During your first year, the more you go out, the more probability of friends you will have. So during this time, try to accept every invitation you get.  The worst thing that could happen in that you will have a bad time. But if you think about it, would you rather have a bad time or stay lonely in your living room while eating ice cream watching Legally Blonde for the 10000th time?

Be yourself.

There is no better friend that allows you to be your whole self, correct? So don’t worry too much about making a bad impression. Over time, you will be able to meet the right people at the right time.