Dorms For Grown Ups Are A Thing Now


There is no denying that space is becoming quite scarce in cities.  Due to this, prices have gone up significantly for housing if you want to live in the city.  This has given rise to the micro-unit trend, where you see spaces of 300-400 square feet, basically what would have been the size of a big closet a generation ago, now being accepted as living space.

Dorms for students have always been this size, and it would compensate by offering common kitchens, play rooms, chill rooms, etc.  Now, a Syracuse man is betting on the dorm trend to extend beyond students.  That’s right, he wants to create dorms for grown adults.

The reasoning here, is that since people are already used to living in small spaces in the city, living in a dorm community would feel less lonely and more engaging, as well as being significantly cheaper than a regular apartment.  I could see this being quite popular with the busy professional who needs to live near work and does crazy hours and is hardly at home.

Who knows, maybe this man is onto something…perhaps the future of city life will involve more communal living habits.

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