The Reality of College Dorm Life


Claire is a student who lives in a dorm, and just like most Millenials, she likes to complain about stuff (we’re half kidding!).  She does however make some good points and gives a glimpse into dorm life for those that have yet to experience it:

1) It’s always loud, even at 4 a.m. on Tuesdays! About 90 percent of the time the noise consists of people playing Drake songs at unreasonably high volumes.

2) Who knew sharing 10 washing machines with 500 students would be annoying? It’s especially lovely when people use five different washing machines and take a billion years to transfer everything to the dryers.

3) Constant ramen and/or popcorn smell — actually, this one isn’t a complaint.

4) Someone, somewhere, is always screaming. What are these people doing? The world may never know.

5) Lofted beds are terrible. Have you ever tried putting a fitted sheet on an eight-foot-tall bed? It’s a traumatizing experience;

6) There is garbage more or less everywhere.

7) There are always people hanging out in the halls, and they always want to talk. Very hard to manage when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

8) Walking down four flights of stairs to get food. Compared to only two flights of stairs at home. This one is actually only a minor complaint.

9) The food is terrible though. A grilled cheese sandwich with half a tomato and like three mushrooms on it for dinner. Is that even food?

10) Not allowed to have toasters in the dorm rooms.  Although nothing in the dorm handbook says anything against blowtorches…so that’s how you have to grill your poptarts 😉

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