5 Life Hacks Every Student Should Know


Internships are not as useless as you might think. Plan on getting an internship if you don’t have one already. Practical experience
Got-Internship-signalways looks good on a resume. You will be one step ahead of your peers when you start job hunting after you graduate. Sometimes it might seem like a waste of time, but there’s nothing like a experience to back up what you know. Just make sure the internship is going to be beneficial for you. Internships are meant to be a learning experience and if all you do is making coffee and classifying files, perhaps you should reconsider.

BUDGET. There is a subtle difference between needing and wanting, and it’s time for you to start making that distinction. Sure, sometimes you want to splurge on a Starbucks coffee or eat at that new place everyone’s been talking about on a random Wednesday evening- but pick your battles! There are plenty of apps out there to help you with your finances and help keep track of where your money goes. Try checking out Mint, Acorn or Level Money and start keeping track.


Keep your health in check. Sometimes it seems like exercise is exhausting, which it is as you’re doing it, but after you’re done you actually feel more energized for the rest of the day. That’s one of the reasons experts emphasize the importance of exercising in the morninstop-working-out-leadg, because you feel you’ve accomplished so much already and can only do more with your day. Research also says that physical exercises result in increased blood flow to the brain which indirectly improves mood and sleep; reduces stress and anxiety. In the end, you look better, you feel better and you DO better.


Become an ‘expert’ in one area. There isn’t a student who absolutely loves all subjects. All you need to do is focus a bit more on the area you love and get some serious attitude about it. Maybe you can start a blog associated to the area you love and become a self-appointed expert in it or start an Instagram page featuring pictures and subjects you like or simply try to read up on subjects you always wanted to know more about like web site building or coding. Research deeper, become more involved and enjoy your devotion to the things that interest you. The tools are there to help you start, especially in this day and age, but it’s up to you to use them.


The system is NOT your enemy. Remember this always. And this goes for any institutional environment you find yourself in, whether it be work or school. Don’t try to work against your college authorities and professors however much you are tempted. Talk to them in case there is any problem or misunderstanding. Be cordial even if in reality, the rebel in you wants to paint the city red. This will pay off in the long run. Negativity only attracts negativity and it turns into a vicious circle, so make a conscious effort of being kind and eventually it will become a habit.

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