10 memes that perfectly sum up student life


Who couldn’t relate to it? Freshmen year, the excitement. Come on, we’ve all been there. Regardless of whether you’re residing on your own, with a roommate or in a dormitory – student life starts now!





Making friends with all kinds of people is only one out of many perks of living in a dorm. Things noone will tell you about are the real benefits you gain, such as maximizing your creativity level when it comes to.. well, everything. Turning the floor into an ironing board, because space is a question of priorities or the dilemma of having used all of your socks and remain with none left to wear to go to the lavatory and wash your other socks. After all, you didn’t choose the dorm life, it chose you. Might as well make the best of it.


See, you know nothing about student life, if you haven’t had pasta three times a day, for seven days in row. Now, while this might sound odd to some, to others it’s known as “the end of the month”. Who would you rather share your meals with than with your lovely roommate? Provided that they haven’t stolen them in the first place.



“Livin’ la vida broka”? Well, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Throughout your studies, you encounter many different types of students: The discussion-dominating know-it-alls, the unprepared last-minuters, the inattentive stoners, the disrespectful rebels and not to forget, the group of girls showing up to class 10 minutes late, but – of course – with a decaf skinny latte in their right hand. International exchange students, as well, never fail to disappoint. Who doesn’t know that one guy who came to the country with perfect English skills, but answers “Me no English” when pulled over by a cop?

As simple as that: Forget everything they have taught you before. In university, group work basically means that one person does all the work and the rest take a share of the credit.




Unbenannt66. LECTURERS

Sigh. Lecturers. Incidentally, I would also like to give a shout out to the poor student who gets stuck on the front row and who has to spend a tense hour with the lecturer periodically staring right into his soul.






The action of delaying or postponing something and the first thing to avoid: Procrastination. You’ve had more than 8 hours of sleep, but are still tired? You’ve walked all the way to the library only to go on Facebook and listen to music for 5 hours? Your reaction to the amount of your undone homework is “What movie should I watch?”. You decide it’s the perfect time to do a spring clean – in winter? If you find yourself in at least one these scenarios, then, my dear friend, you are procrastinating!


University will make you do the weirdest things like setting your alarm for a 13 minutes nap. But honestly, alongside energy drinks or other caffeine cravings, it’s the power naps that really get you through running the gauntlet, that is finals week.

In other words, the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result, like that rare and overwhelming feeling of achievement when reaching the word count before the conclusion. Work smart, not hard. However, the line between a student’s brilliant effectiveness and expert laziness can be thin.



You’ve reached the finish line. Made it. With graduation comes great wisdom, for example the moment you realize, you went to university to get a job to pay for university. Student life ends here, real life starts now. Oh, and there comes the next person asking what you will be doing after graduation 😉

6 simple, yet affordable DIY winter decorating ideas for your student dorm



As hard as the life of a student might appear at times, your decoration for the winter season does not necessarily have to look like this. Here are some time and cost saving, yet pretty alternatives to channel your inner do-it-yourselfer.



1. Vases filled with salt

As simple as that: fill a glass, bowl or vase (or whatever you come across while trawling your dorm room) with salt and add some branches or baubles to it. If you like to get even more creative, you can also color the salt with chalk beforehand. The vases will look great on shelves or nightstands.


2. Glitter Mason Jars

Glam up your windowsill with flashy mason jars. Generously cover them with glue before dipping them in glitter (available at any dollar store) and let the jars dry for a couple of hours, at least. Finally, light up some tea lights and put them inside of the jars. Same works for old cloth or magazine paper.





3. Fairy Lights
Make your room the coziest place in the entire dorm by simply adding perfect lighting. Tinker tiny lampshades out of see-through cloth or old table tennis balls, wind them around a string of light and put it on the wall over your bed. You will never want to leave this place again.






4. Paper Snowflakes

Yes, this will remind you of kinder garden, however everything you need in order to turn your dorm window into winter wonderland is already part of a student’s basic equipment: Paper, scissors and adhesive tape. Crafting paper snowflakes is definitely the cheapest, quickest and pottiest way to adorn your student dorm.


5. Cinnamon Stick Candles

Why bother buying scented candles, when you can easily make your own? And not only do they smell good, cinnamon stick candles also add warmth and a cozy charm to your tiny space.






6. Wine Glass Candles

The ultimate décor for the clumsy and uninspired: wine glass candles. Arranging these will take you the least effort, but will still look pleasingly subtle. Any glass will do, although a wine glass does have its romantic flavour. What really counts here is what you put inside the glass. In case of doubt, fill them with chocolate or other snacks that get you through long study nights.

Watch A Dorm Building Implode (Video)


McCollum Hall, the largest dorm for the University of Kansas, has been demolished.  It is bittersweet for some students, as although the place was pretty rundown, these quirks gave it a certain charm.

About 750 pounds of explosives were used to demolish the 220,000 square-foot building, which opened in 1965. It was named after the brothers Elmer V. and Burton McCollum. The building cost $3.4 million to build. Its original capacity was 488 rooms for 976 students.

Have a look:


The Reality of College Dorm Life


Claire is a student who lives in a dorm, and just like most Millenials, she likes to complain about stuff (we’re half kidding!).  She does however make some good points and gives a glimpse into dorm life for those that have yet to experience it:

1) It’s always loud, even at 4 a.m. on Tuesdays! About 90 percent of the time the noise consists of people playing Drake songs at unreasonably high volumes.

2) Who knew sharing 10 washing machines with 500 students would be annoying? It’s especially lovely when people use five different washing machines and take a billion years to transfer everything to the dryers.

3) Constant ramen and/or popcorn smell — actually, this one isn’t a complaint.

4) Someone, somewhere, is always screaming. What are these people doing? The world may never know.

5) Lofted beds are terrible. Have you ever tried putting a fitted sheet on an eight-foot-tall bed? It’s a traumatizing experience;

6) There is garbage more or less everywhere.

7) There are always people hanging out in the halls, and they always want to talk. Very hard to manage when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

8) Walking down four flights of stairs to get food. Compared to only two flights of stairs at home. This one is actually only a minor complaint.

9) The food is terrible though. A grilled cheese sandwich with half a tomato and like three mushrooms on it for dinner. Is that even food?

10) Not allowed to have toasters in the dorm rooms.  Although nothing in the dorm handbook says anything against blowtorches…so that’s how you have to grill your poptarts 😉

Top 30 Best College Dorms in the USA


Dorm life is a huge factor when deciding which school to go to.  After all, you only get to experience university life once so might as well make the most out of it.  Here is a list of the best dorms around the USA, in order to help you decide where to apply:

Midwest:  Indiana Wesleyan University
Midwest: Wheaton College
Midwest: Washington University in St. Louis
Northeast: Bryn Mawr College
Northeast: University of Scranton
Northeast: Harvard University
Northeast: Yale University
Northeast: Loyola University Maryland
Northeast: Bowdoin College
South: Eastern Mennonite University
South: Liberty University
South: Christopher Newport University
South: Regent University
South: High Point University
South: University of Mobile
South: Southwestern Assemblies of God University
South: Asbury University
South: Johnson University
South: Florida Gulf Coast University
South: Union University
South: Rice University
West: Colorado Christian University
West: Pacific Union College
West: Santa Clara University
West: Stanford University
West: Corban University
West: Whitworth University
West: Soka University of America
West: Pomona College
West: California Baptist University

Dorms For Grown Ups Are A Thing Now


There is no denying that space is becoming quite scarce in cities.  Due to this, prices have gone up significantly for housing if you want to live in the city.  This has given rise to the micro-unit trend, where you see spaces of 300-400 square feet, basically what would have been the size of a big closet a generation ago, now being accepted as living space.

Dorms for students have always been this size, and it would compensate by offering common kitchens, play rooms, chill rooms, etc.  Now, a Syracuse man is betting on the dorm trend to extend beyond students.  That’s right, he wants to create dorms for grown adults.

The reasoning here, is that since people are already used to living in small spaces in the city, living in a dorm community would feel less lonely and more engaging, as well as being significantly cheaper than a regular apartment.  I could see this being quite popular with the busy professional who needs to live near work and does crazy hours and is hardly at home.

Who knows, maybe this man is onto something…perhaps the future of city life will involve more communal living habits.

Introducing The Student Hotel Concept


Whether it’s a one-night stay or a three-month extended visit, Amsterdam’s Student Hotel is a new concept that can be called a hybrid, in that – by fusing luxury long-term student accommodation with short-stay facilities for the design-savvy social traveller – caters for both needs.

Founded by Scottish hospitality entrepreneur Charlie MacGregor, this is the fourth kind of student hotel concept (its second in Amsterdam) following the inaugural launch in Rotterdam, almost three years back.

Located in the downtown area of the city, a short stroll from many local hotspots, the property was designed by a design firm who were asked by MacGregor to define everything from the hotel’s strategy to the visual & brand identity. The result is a series of playful common areas, adorned with nice looking graphics and decked with colourful, tailor-made furnishings and matching accessories.

A potential restaurant and even a nightclub is in the works, making The Student Hotel a refreshing alternative to temporary student housing. And causing positive feedback in the world of more formal hospitality, odds are it’s your most affordable bet to stay young as well 😉

Top 10 Universities With The Best Dorms


#10 – Florida Gulf Coast University

“Great freshman dorms, clean and spacious,” said a student. “Each person gets their own room.”

“Apart from the cost, on-campus housing at FGCU is extraordinary,” another said. “It’s very convenient and has modern amenities to make you comfortable.”

Room and board: $8,384

#9 – Christopher Newport University

“The dorms are very nice, almost like apartments — even for the freshmen,” one student wrote. “They have plenty of living options as you advance in years, and the dorms get better and better. By junior year, each student has their own room, a dining/kitchen area, a living room, full bathroom, and washers and dryers. It is a little costly, but students are getting their money’s worth.”

Room and board: $9,959

#8 – Union University

“The housing is what drew me to Union,” one student admitted. “I didn’t want community bathrooms, and Union definitely doesn’t have that. All dorms are apartment-style, meaning there is a bathroom, four bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. The freshman/older dorms only have one bathroom, while the quads/newer dorms have two bathrooms and include a washer and dryer.”

Room and board: $9,990

#7 – California Baptist University

“I love living on campus,” said a student. “It gives a whole new aspect to the college experience. Coming from out of state, it is nice to have a clean, spacious living area, even as a freshman. The community is so welcoming and there are a lot of events offered to get yourself involved in.”

Room and board: $9,220

#6 – Rice University

“Rice uses a college housing system similar to the house system in Harry Potter,” said one student. “You matriculate with a certain college and usually stay with the same college until you graduate. This system generates really friendly and close-knit college communities. Each college has a slightly different culture, government, dormitory style, and housing process.”

Room and board: $13,000

#5 – Yale University

One student breaks down campus housing at Yale: “One of my favorite things about Yale is the housing system. When you enter Yale your freshman year you are randomly assigned to one of 12 ‘residential colleges’ which are basically just different dorms you are associated with for the next four years. Each residential college has its own dining hall, common room, and basement with various amenities (your college may have a gym, a theater, a music room, or more!).”

Room and board: $13,500

#4 – High Point University

“On-campus housing at High Point is incredible! All of the dorms have either been recently renovated or are brand-new,” boasted one student. “The college housing is beautifully maintained, spacious, and upgraded. Even the standard dorms on campus are nicer than what most college students live in during all four years of school.”

Room and board: $11,480

#3 – Regent University

“Our rooms are so spacious!” raved a student. “Each room has its own kitchen and bathroom along with living room and bedroom; it’s practically an apartment. It’s the greatest thing in the world. It’s such a great place to retreat at the end of the day.”

Room and board: $8,430

#2 – Bowdoin College

“Bowdoin first-years live in rooms that are nicer than many upperclassmen get at competing schools,” wrote one student. “Dorms are equipped with laundry and bike storage in the basements, and the rooms are either quads (a common room and two bedrooms) or doubles (a common room and a bedroom).”

“There is a definite reason why nearly all students choose to live on-campus all four years,” wrote another.

Room and board: $12,388

#1 – Washington University in St-Louis

“The modern dorms are like castles,” said a student.

“The dorms here are wonderful; they are spacious, with nice carpeting and Tempur-Pedic mattresses,” another said. “Most dorms have personal bathrooms shared among 4-6 others, and the school provides cleaning staff to clean the showers, sinks, and bathroom stalls. The dorms are pretty expensive, but they are luxurious compared to many other universities.”

Room and board: $13,502

Get Groceries Delivered to your Dorm


With being so busy with your classes and homework, as well as group work & meetings along with exam prep, it’s safe to assume that you probably do not have enough time to go grocery shopping.  Well now, you have solutions to fix this problem for you!

More and more grocery delivery services are popping up all over the place.  The way it works is very easy:

  1. You order your groceries online on the company’s website
  2. You pay, along with a small fee for delivery
  3. You get your groceries delivered to your door!

It’s that simple.  If time is a concern and you simply can’t fit grocery shopping into your schedule, this may very well be the service for you.  Here are the top services and their fees:

  • Fresh Direct (local & organic food) $5.99 delivery fee with min. $30 order
  • Amazon Fresh (food & household items) $7.99 delivery fee
  • Boxed (nonperishables & household items) Free delivery with min. $50 order
  • Instacart (items from Costco & WholeFoods) $3.99 delivery fee
  • Google Express (items from big box stores) $4.99 delivery fee

Not all services are available everywhere, so you have to put in your zip/postal code to see if the service works in your region.  Typically, you get your order delivered the same day or the next day depending on the time of the order.  In any event, this type of service is growing at a rate 6.5 times the one of the regular grocery industry.  There is a definite need for this service and busy students are certainly one large market that can benefit from it.

Most Stunning Dorms for Students in the US

It’s your first year of college and you move into a whitewashed room with a twin bed, and a cookie cutter desk. This is the college dorm experience that most of us had. However, there are some dorms that seem more like luxury getaways than dorm residences. Here is a countdown of the dorms that will leave you dumbfounded and maybe a little envious

Hub at Tucson at the University of Arizona, Tucson

All rooms have private baths, walk in closets,  private washer and dryers. Dorm amenities include conference rooms, saunas and full gym. Sounds more like a dream resort than an actual college dorm.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.44.05 AM

Callaway House at University of Texas, Austin

So you feel like skipping the whole dorm experience. The waiting in line at dining halls, the borderline unstable roommate, the paper thin walls and mystery finds in the communal bathroom? The Callaway house has got you covered. Stainless Steel appliances that would make a suburban mom jealous, leather couches to relax on and your own maid service.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.46.04 AM

Morgens Hall at The University of Cincinnati- Cincinnati, Ohio  

Floor to ceiling windows allow the Cincinnati sun to flood in. Go with eco- friendly feature and a sweeping view of the lush  greenery on campus

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.48.43 AM

The Lawn at the University of Virginia – Charlotte

Designed by Thomas Jefferson, living at the University of Virginia is considered an honour. Instead of the modern luxuries afforded to many other dorms, the Lawn at the University of Virginia is steeped in a deep history. However, you are expected to be a scholar and a leader if you are allowed to live at the The Lawn

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.50.24 AM

The Units at the University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley offers high rise style condos for students. Enjoy a view of the  Bay, as you lounge on your balcony. Berkeley is a small city filled with greenery and hippie charm, with San Francisco just a short bus ride away

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.51.18 AM