7 Decorating Ideas to Spice Up Your Dorm

With spring quickly approaching, the time has come to brighten up your dorm and start getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter you’ve gathered through winter. But by getting rid of stuff it’s also time to get creative and change things up a little. That’s where the Internet comes in.

  1. Change Your Bedding: o-URBAN-570You will be so surprised how much your sheets can change the way you feel about your room. And they don’t have to be pricey. Nowadays you can find a full set for about $40 if you look around.

Insider Tip: As long as you have Twin XL sheets, your comforter can be twin sized. Your pillow will take up the top of your bed, so you’ll never notice if the blanket doesn’t go all the way up.Wall-Brit-645x967

2. Washi Wallpaper: Dorms are infamous for their bland white walls and the sad fact that you can’t do anything about it. But we’ve come up with the perfect solution and, naturally, it involves washi tape! It’s time to pick a theme and get creative.

3. Add a Funny Pillow: One of the easiest ways to turScreen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.14.34 AMn your room around can be to add a pillow that speaks volumes. It could be a quote that makes you smile in the morning, or a totally inappropriate picture pillow that will definitely be a conversation starter. This Urban Outfitters snoop-inspired beauty can be purchased for $59.

4. Make it Personal: Dorms are a little boring if you don’t personalize them. It doesn’t have to be costly just has to be fun, cute and individual to what matters most to you. And what better way to do so than with memories. And what better way to recreate memories than with pictures. And if you’re getting too lazy to find, choose and print all those pictures hanging around in your hard drive, just get yourself some o-PINTEREST44-570inspiring poster from Ikea.


5. Vertical Garden: This colorful garden will fit in the tiniest of rooms. Hang it as close as you can to the window and you’ll have some perky plants brightening up the dorm in no time. You can even plant your own seeds and watch the plants bloom into adulthood just like you are. AWWWWWWW.

6. Customize Curtains:Original_Michelle-Edgemont-PomPom-Curtains-Beauty5_v_lg Instead of spending your limited funds on curtains, dressOriginal_Michelle-Edgemont-Fabric-Pouf-Beauty1_v_lg up a pair you already have with colorful trim! You can buy rolls of pom pom and glitter trim from a craft store on the cheap, and create whatever color combos you please.

7. Add a DIY Fabric Pouf: You’re usually pretty limited when it comes to furniture options in a dorm room. One bed, one desk and your little space is full. That’s why this colorful pouf is the perfect accent because it doesn’t take up much space, visitors can sit on it and it can be used as an ottoman.

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Top 5 Montreal-Based Instagram Accounts To Follow

We all have our favorite Instagram accounts we check out daily, but what about those other aspiring bloggers with less then 500k followers? Enough of the same old #throwbackthursday, #goodhairday and #instastyle posts. We’ve seen them all. Don’t miss out on new potential, fresh ideas and bright inspiration. Here are the latest top 5 Montreal-based Instagramers that share their eye candies on fashion, lifestyle, travels, food and photography like you’ve never #reposted them before.

  1. @inayali – Posts: 3,447 – Followers: 92.6k – Category: Lifestyle
    Ali, a photographer, promoting café culture in Montreal and snapping beautiful shots of hidden corners in the city (and beyond).

  2. @d.construct – Posts: 2,177 – Followers: 1,287 – Category: Fashion
    Dominique, a Texan-born Fashion Marketing graduate from LaSalle College, with the aim to make fashion and art accessible for everyone.

  3. @sabrinalabar – Posts: 164 – Followers: 4,472 – Category: Foodie
    Sabrina, a lawyer, passionate about preparing and arranging colorful and often fruity munchies. Special feature: All recipes are 100% vegan!

  4. @doiseecolor – Posts: 36 – Followers: 558 – Category: Architecture/Photography
    Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-18 um 16.53.55.png.jpg

    Neil, a Communications and Marketing student at Concordia/JMSB. His Montreal-focussed posts visualize his interests in popular culture, photography, fashion and music.

  5. @mevallieres – Posts: 643 – Followers: 6,301 – Category: Travel
    Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-18 um 15.55.02.png

    Marie Eve, a Montreal-born and raised full time travel blogger, sharing her snapshots of architecture, landscape and meals of Europe and beyond with the world.

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Hurry & Book Your Dorm Room Now For September 2016


With the rising number of students entering higher education schools every single year, it is no surprise that student accommodation tend to fill up quicker than ever.  Construction in student housing developments hasn’t been able to keep up with the higher demand in recent years.

Therefore, if you are not careful, and you wait until summer to book your room for September, you may be very well out of luck.  Worst case, you might be getting a room, although it would be ridiculously overpriced.

Booking early can not only ensure you that you have a reserved spot, but you can also end up saving hundreds of dollars per month in rent.  Student residences tend to give great deals and discount 8-10 months in advance, and the closer you get to September, the higher the price gets.

Now is the time to book your room & have peace of mind, so that you don’t spend your whole summer scouring to find a place to stay 😉

Montreal Named Canada’s Best Student City

McGill University

When it comes to the the ultimate student experience, Montreal is at the top of the list.

Quebec’s largest city received the highest score among Canadian cities in QS Top Universities’ rankings of the best student destinations for 2016.

While Montreal was ranked seventh overall among all cities, Toronto and Vancouver tied for 13th spot.

Ottawa and Quebec City landed at 49th and 55th, respectively.

QS Top Universities examined cities with populations of over 250,000 and had at least two higher learning institutions. It then assessed them according to a variety of factors, such as the schools’ rankings, the cities’ affordability, the mix of students in each city, and its desirability as a destination.

Montreal ranked third for “student mix,” while Toronto came in second for “desirability.”

In recognizing Montreal, QS Top Universities cited its high-ranking schools such as McGill University, as well as the city’s status as a “cultural capital,” and its reputation as one of the most livable places in the world.

Montreal’s overall ranking represented a step up from last year, when it was eighth.

Kudos to Montreal for being such a great place for students!

From Dorm Room To Board Room


Having a roommate in college usually means living with someone you don’t know. The situation can be interesting and rewarding, or it could be terrible.  If you are different, it can cause problems. However, sometimes that difference can mean an opportunity.

Take two roommates at the University of Maryland, one of which loved tea and the other was a fan of coffee.  They would constantly argue with each other over which drink was the supreme one.

One day, one of the roommates mixed some tea with his coffee grounds. The resulting drink actually worked better than either coffee or tea on their own. And surprisingly, the two found this new blend packed a major energy boost without the “coffee crash.”

This led to more experiments of mixing coffee with a variety of tea and other ingredients. When friends who sampled their mixture loved them, they knew that they were on to something.

In that cramped dorm room, the two students decided to make something happen out of this idea. With that, they decided to start their own company.

Today, less than 2 years since they started, the roommates have become full-fledged entrepreneurs, and they are on track for over a million in sales next year. Look out for their brand on the shelves of over 100 stores across the country: Javazen.

Moving Into a Dorm? Here’s What You Should Bring


When you move into a dorm, it can be confusing to know what is already provided on-site and what you need to bring yourself.  Here’s a list compiled by looking at what most student residences provide and what they require you to bring:

  • Pillows, bed linens to fit extra-long mattresses, blanket, mattress pad, towels
  • Toothbrush, soap, razors, shower tote, hairbrush and comb, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, cotton balls and Q-tips
  • Trash can and trash bags
  • General cleaning supplies
  • Laundry basket, detergent, dryer sheets
  • Toilet paper and facial tissue
  • Clothes hangers
  • Alarm clock
  • Power strips and surge protectors
  • Pens, pencils, stapler, scissors, backpack
  • Copy of your renter insurance
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Computer/laptop
  • Standing floor lamp
  • Umbrella
  • Posters, photos and other decorations (no painting on walls)
  • Shower curtain
  • Key documents like ID, passport, Social Security card, health insurance information
  • Storage crates
  • Cutlery and dishes
  • Coffeemaker
  • Flip-flops for community bathrooms

    Check with your roommate:

  • TV (with coaxial cable) and stereo equipment
  • Mini-fridge
  • Small microwave
  • Area rug
  • Extra chair
  • Fan
  • Extra storage baskets and boxes

Although this list gives you a very good idea of what you will need to bring, always make sure to check your residence website for the exact list of things provided.

Tallest Dorm In The World (By The Numbers)


Pace University has apparently opened the tallest university residential building in the world. The dorm opened in October 2015.

It offers students private bathrooms, lounges and recreation space; not to mention some serious views. And it’s in one of the city’s hottest neighborhoods.

Here’s a look at 33 Beekman, by-the-numbers:

How high is it?: 34-stories, offering views of the World Trade Center and the East River

It’s very tall: 340 feet tall

How much space?: 172,000 square feet, including lounges, fitness facility and kitchen

Massive entrance: 3,000-square-foot public plaza at the building’s entrance

Many students live there: 770 students live there

Many dorm buildings nearby: 3 other residence halls nearby — 55 John St., 106 Fulton St. and Maria’s Tower at 1 Pace Plaza

Close to school: 1 block from Pace’s main academic building and campus center

…But to unwind: 3 unique student lounges

Looking For Late-Night Dorm Snack? Insomnia Cookies!


It’s no secret that staying up late to study (or whatever else happens in dorms!) can give you the munchies.  However, since students are notoriously terrible at planning their food & meals, more often than not, you end up with a craving and no food around you to tame it.  Well, now you have a cool new solution: Insomnia Cookies.

Insomnia Cookies started out of a dorm at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, with the idea being that students also want a late-night sweet treat, unlike the typical pizza or fast-food options.  Word of mouth got so great that the company now has 70 locations in 21 states.

Insomnia Cookies offers nine varieties along with deluxe cookies, cookiewiches, cookie cakes, and brownies. One cookie is $US1.60 and a six-pack is $US9.00. It also offers 12, 18, and 24 packs of cookie boxes.

The company has made quite the impact on social media as well, with students posting their indulgent cookie pictures, that showcases the large variety of cookies and how awesome they look.

You can find out more at Insomnia Cookies

You can thank us later 🙂

The 5 Funniest Dorm Life Moments

When you’re sharing a dorm with a considerable amount of other students, something crazy is always bound to happen. Moreover, that’s simply the magic about living in dorm. Below are some one the most memorable stories some students have had during their unique dorm experiences.


“My roommate had left the room and had been gone for about an hour when the fire alarm went off. I had no idea where she was, so I just locked our door as I left and went outside with everyone else. When I got outside, I realized that she was there — in only a towel. Turns out she just took a long shower and was heading back to the room to get her shoes, clothes, and keys when I locked it. Oh, and it was Winter!” -Christina Bischoff


“I lived on the 3rd floor of the dorms. Our toilet had to be replaced. Rather than carry the old toilet down the stairs the handy man says open that window quick. I open the window and he tosses it out the window. What was funnier is that there was a tour of the campus going on at the time. I’m sure it looked like a scene out of animal house to the spectators on campus that day.” -Anonymous


“I locked my roommate into his room twice by jamming a Gatorade bottle into the door hinge and then slamming the door shut. You have to nearly break down the door to get out.” -MichealtheCM


“My roommate thought it would be a good idea to spray pepper spray in our halls. Then knock on everyone’s door.” -Ravirr


“I could hear girls outside my door getting mad because the smell had crawled all the way down the hall and around the corner:

Annoyed Resident #1: “OMG! What is that smell?”

Annoyed Resident #2: “Ugh! Who’s the idiot that decided to funk up the entire hall?”

I didn’t want anyone to get suspicious so I stepped outside the room and agreed with them, “Yeah, I wonder who’s the idiot that decided to burn popcorn?”

Looking back on it, how did they not know it was me? The panic-stricken look on my face was enough to give me away to even the most gullible person.

Needless to say, I never heated up bread or anything else in that microwave for a very long time.”   – Anonymous