1.     Living in residence is the easiest way to make friends when moving to a new place: Meeting new people from all over the world is basically the first thing you get to do when moving into a student residence. Those people will be around you all year long, so better get to know them as soon as possible.

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  1.     Student residences are convenient and let you enjoy proximity to classes: They are located around your campus and help you avoid the hassle of traffic and public transportation.
  2.     Student residences can help increase your academic success through study space, peer studygroups, scholastic role models and safe environment.
  3.     You will never get bored in a student residence: there are always exciting events and activities whether on your floor, in your building or around campus.
  4.     Residences are safe and secure spaces: each building has safety features & emergency plans to get ready for any situation.
  5.     Living in residences can help you develop personally: By living with other people learn you will learn, conflict resolution, critical thinking and communication. It will also make you be more open minded about the different types of people you will meet.
  6.     Student residences are a great transition from living with your parents to living on your own or with friends. Living in a student residence is the best way to meet new people, get used to a new environment, make friends who are learning to be independent at the same time as you.
  7.    Interested in increase your leadership skills? Becoming a Resident assistant is a good way to take on responsibilities and initiative on projects.


  1.     Residences can save you money on furniture. With a furnished residence, you don’t need to spend money on expensive and bulky furniture.
  2.  Residences also save you money and time on other expenses: Utilities are included so you won’t have to worry about finding an internet provider, and you won’t have to worry about paying multiple bills to different people.11. Living in a residence provides you support: College is a transitional time and living with people going through the same things as you will provide you with a support network you can laugh and cry with.12.Residence life will help you to be in the heart of the college happenings. You will make memories, new friendships, discover new things, have fun and maybe find a mate in the process.13.Living is residence is a great way to discover new cultures and people: you will be in the same building as people from all over the world.14.Residences have great amenities: Most student residences provide fast ethernet connections, fitness centers, private laundry facilities, computer labs or lounges with tv, pool tables, table tennis tables and more!15.Make your room feel like home through easy decorating hacks. You can customise your room through posters, paintings and fabric.

 16. Student residences offer you choices: you always have the choice between different types of rooms, whether you need lots of space or want to share the space with someone you know.16. You won’t have to clean anything but your room: if you live in a residence you won’t be responsible for cleaning the shared spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, the residence will take care of it.




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