Holiday Shopping On A Student Budget

Looking for ways to procrastinate? Already in the holiday spirit? Why not start your holiday shopping early? Holiday shopping can be stressful especially when you’re on a student budget. It becomes difficult when your mom deserves more than a Bath and Body Works candle. That is why budgeting is extremely important in this shopping marathon. With these tips you will be able to find the perfect gift while still getting through the season with your wallet intact!

1) Organize Your Relationships

As much as we would like to spend equal amount on everyone that is apart of our lives, it’s tough. To limit your cost, make a list starting with the most important person, to the person you run into on your Starbucks run once in a while. Put an amount that you are willing to spend beside each name. This will help keep you from going over the holiday budget you’ve provided for yourself!

2) Suggest Alternative Gift Exchanges

Purchasing a gift for every single person on your dorm floor is unrealistic especially as university students. Suggest a “secret Santa” exchange where you pull someone’s name out of a hat and only purchase a gift for that person. This will reduce your cost and will allow you to gift someone with more time and meaning.

3) Price Check With Your Phone

You’ve had your eye on this perfect watch for your boyfriend! Unfortunately, the price is higher than what you have in your bank account. If you find the perfect gift, use your cellphone to search for a better price elsewhere. Many stores provide a price matching policy which will allow you to seek out a better deal. Flipp is a useful app that will help guide you this holiday season!

4) Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With Black Friday coming up, chances are you’ve heard about the “spectacular” deals. These deals will have people trampling you to get through the doors. The truth is, there isn’t much of a huge difference between the one-day promotions that are provided and regular holiday sales. Instead of waiting for this one day to shop, seek out daily sales as you will likely end up saving more.

5) Consider Making Gifts

No, I don’t mean macaroni art, but maybe baked goods for your TA or professor. Homemade gifts are a wonderful way to save money and create memories all at once. Remember, these gifts may not work for everyone, so be selective with those who are receiving homemade gifts!

6) Buy Last Years Electronics

Electronics cost a ton and for many people, the latest release of electronics do not necessarily matter. You will definitely save big time by giving gifts that are an older version of a device. Keep in mind that if you decide to buy the newest version, there is a high chance that in a couple of weeks, a newer version will be available so your best bet is to save your money and buy the older option.

7) Remember What the Holidays are Really About

As much as we all love waking up Christmas morning to a room filled with beautifully wrapped presents, remember that your loved ones will love you regardless of how expensive their gift from you is. Cherish the time you have to spend with the people around you as that’s the best gift of all.

7 Holiday Decorations On A Student Budget

The holidays are the best time of the year. Besides the presents and the family bonding, decorations are what makes this holiday so wonderful. There’s mistletoe, Christmas trees and garlands all around your parents home. Unfortunately, you are stuck until the last possible day of exams and miss out on all the fun decorating. With these cute ideas, you will be able to decorate your dorm or apartment and still be just as poor as you were before!

1) Paper Snowflakes

While it is very much of an elementary school type of activity, you will end up smiling in the end. Use all the construction paper and printer paper left around your house and spend a day making snowflakes. Just like real life snowflakes, every single one is different so have fun with it. You can hang them from the ceiling or tape them to your window! It will definitely get you feeling the holiday spirit.

2) DIY Christmas Trees

The typical tall, green Christmas trees are so overrated. Why not create your own Christmas tree in your dorm? If you have a lot of leftover textbooks from the previous years just sitting on your shelf, use them to make a tree! Your tree doesn’t need to be big. It could be the smallest tree to fit the size of your room. Regardless of the size, you will feel a lot better having a DIY Christmas tree in your home.

3) Paper Garlands

Turn your dorm into a room that Buddy the Elf just entered! Similar to paper snowflakes, paper garlands will give you flashbacks to elementary school but you’ll be happy making garlands. All you need are strips of paper and a stapler to make these fun garlands for your dorm!

4) Popcorn Garlands

Going off of the paper garlands, popcorn garlands are also a fun way to decorate your dorm room! It is a very traditional way to decorate most homes without breaking the bank. If saving money isn’t enough for you, just think about how good your dorm or apartment will smell!

5) Christmas Lights!

The Dollar store will be your best friend during the holiday season! Many Dollar stores have on their shelves indoor fairy lights that you can hang around the house. Get creative with where you place them. You can have them lining your door or stringing along your headboard of your bed. Nothing says festive more than Christmas lights!

6) Makeshift Mistletoe

Mistletoe is always fun to have in the dorm. You can make mistletoe out of coloured paper and hang it anywhere in your room. I advise you to not place it by the door because you’ll end up kissing every single guest you have in your room!

7) Saving Stockings

Hanging up stockings are a tradition in many households. You can purchase very simple stockings from the Dollar store and decorate them yourself. You could turn this into a roommate activity and have a little fun with it! Remember, it really isn’t the decorations you put up, it is the memories you make creating them!

Spend a day pretending to be an elf and make all these decorations for your dorm room or student house. You will feel the holiday spirit while making them and it will definitely make your atmosphere more positive during final exams!

Holidays You Can Celebrate In The Month Of November

November can feel like it’s three months long especially when it feels like there is nothing to celebrate. With this month being in between Thanksgiving and the holidays, November can feel terribly slow with nothing to look forward to. Fortunately for you, we have found all the offbeat holidays that happen in this month. Here are a list month of many unusual holidays that will give you a reason to celebrate the month of November!

Entire Month Of November: Movember

Movember is less of a celebration or holiday and more of a movement that I’m sure you’ve heard of. Even though it is an event to raise awareness, you can celebrate the healthy men that are you are surrounded by! The Movember Foundation is a charity that raises money for not only men’s physical health but mental also. Their main focuses are prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health and suicide prevention. For more information on the movement visit Movember Canada.

November 13 – World Kindness Day

This holiday was founded by the World Kindness Movement and has been growing since 1998. This international holiday encourages everyone to go out of their ways to pay it forward. Today is a day to be kind to one another. While it is important to be kind to each other on this day, remember you should still be kind for the rest of the year!

November 15 – Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

You can let your roommate who has food molding in the fridge know that this is a holiday they’ll be partaking in! Spend the day finding all the leftovers you should have never left over.

November 18 – Use Less Stuff Day

This is great day for those of you who have been wanting to get rid of clothing or other things in your life but just haven’t had the chance. Use Less Stuff Day is a holiday to take the time to reflect on all the things you own and are grateful for. The things that you don’t necessarily need or use anymore you can donate to consignment stores or to shelter homes. You will feel good about your deed and they will be truly grateful. So spend the day cleaning out your closet and your cluttered desk in your dorm room!

November 19 – International Men’s Day

The word “men” itself may make you roll your eyes. Just remember that someone decided that they do deserve a day just for themselves! Every year, the theme of International Men’s Day changes. This year the focus on the holiday is health, mentally and physically. Check up on all the men in your life to let them know you appreciate them!

November 23 – National Day of Listening

National Day of Listening is a day that many have been celebrating for years. Every year StoryCorps, a non profit organization, recognizes people in the world who have taken the time out of their lives to listen to others. This year they are recognizing teachers for their ability to listen to those around them such as students and parents. Take the time of your day to tell someone you appreciate them for being able to listen to you on days when you need it.